Successful negotiating requires a set of skills that Donald Trump has and that he has used very, very successfully. Being a Commander requires skills that are the opposite of a negotiator. Decision speed is one of the big differences. A diplomat needs negotiating skill. A commander doesn’t have the time to negotiate to get agreement, to explain and persuade. A commander isn’t after agreement, he wants obedience and he wants it fast. No argument. No discussion. Do it or suffer consequences.

That’s why a civilian organization has an organization chart but the military has a chain of command.  Trump is about to learn a new set of skills where he no longer needs to gain agreement but his personality inclines him to persuade and convince people, not just order them about.

He certainly has the skills to tell people what he wants done. That’s how he was able to complete massive projects ahead of schedule and under budget. Those skills will help him immensely as he moves onto the world stage as a commander in chief of one of the largest military forces in history.

President Obama was not a good commander. He was determined to lessen and weaken America’s military to show the world America was too big and too strong and therefore not kind or gentle. that lwd to some disasters like Syria where Putin literally walked into and over Syria and now America has to deal with a battlefield commander, Vladimir Putin because Obama couldn’t handle him. Trump is certainly up to the task as no one else in the world right now. Obama also let China expand their territory far into the Pacific ocean. Trump will work to re-contain China but the genie is out of the bottle so there’s almost nothing Trump can do to get China to let go of their new forward military bases in the Pacific.  

So far as ISIS, those terrorists will soon be history. It won’t be easy and it won’t be fast but ISIS will be removed as a threat to America. Trump will, wisely, work with Putin as a matter of practically. America and Russia are far apart ideologically but with the right set of ground rules Trump and Putin can work together to for example remove ISIS from the planet.

South America is another trouble spot for America. Obama couldn’t improve America’s position especially in places like Venezuela and Bolivia where chaos is the rule.  

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