Syria opposes Israel. It’s president is and has been a brutal dictator who inspired rebellion in his country.

Why is Putin helping Assad, when Assad is simply another brutal dictator? Why has Putin joined with Assad??
Answer: It gives Putin a physical presence in the Middle East. the Middle East has loads of oil.

Putin is not a saintly dictator. He physically took Crimea away from Ukraine.

Putin is helping anti-Israel Syrian dictator Bashar Assad in a war that has killed 470,000 people and injured 1.8 million.

Why is Assad still in power? Why, for that matter are there oppressive, dictatorial regimes in the world?
What about China?

China has gotten more and more belligerent but Obama was too incapable of getting involved. China is expanding it’s presence in the Pacific. It’s actually building islands and claiming they are part of China. Who can stop China’s belligerence?

What the hell has been done to the world???


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