Here is a list of the laughing loser celebrities who were so sure Hillary would win that they are actually on camera laughing about one of the smartest people on the planet, Donald Trump.
Here’s the laughing losers gallery:

George Clooney,

Tom Hanks,

Nancy Pelosi,

Bernie Sanders,

Seth Myers,

Jimmie Fallon,

Jimmie Kimmel,

Whoopie Goldberg,

Joy Behar,

Barack Obama,

the insufferable Elizabeth Warren,

Little Georgie Stephanopolis whose last name is bigger than he is,

Stephen Colbert,

Dingy Harry Reid,

someone named Fareed,

Mark Cuban,

Someone named Tim Miller,

Bob Beckel,


The Simpsons,

Conan O’Brian,

Rachael Maddow.

See them on Youtube..

These “Know Nothings” promised to leave America if Trump won:

Barbra Streisand,

Amy Schumer,

Miley Cyrus,

Jon Stewert,

Samuel Jackson,



Lena Dunham,

George Lopez,

and Al Sharpton

but they seem to have changed their travel plans. No they didn’t, they never intended to leave. They just were deranged by Hillary.

Even better for the sane among us, look and listen to the crybabies cry over Trumps win: See them up on youtube.

The above list of really goofy gofuses goes to show the pathetic caricature liberalism has created of itself. What would be an outrageously made-up story in normal times is entirely plausible today.

Here’s a smattering of other crazed liberals self-destructing in reaction to President Trump:
an Ohio man setting himself on fire;
full-scale rioting in the streets of blue states;
the fabrication of hate crimes;
proclamations about the impending apocalypse;
and harassment over pro-Trump apparel.
These incidents and more prove that liberalism might actually be a mental disorder.

Martin Sheen who played a President so he feels qualified to figure out what should be done by voters is making a fool out of himself by urging the Electoral College not to vote for Trump even though the laws in the states compel their electors to vote for the winner of the popular vote on the first round. A few more knuckleheaded actors added their knuckleheaded voices to Sheen’s ignorant and stupid idea. they are:
Debra Messing,
James Cromwell,
BD Wong,
Noah Wyle,
Freda Payne,
Bob Odenkirk,
Mickey Mouse,
J. Smith Cameron,
Michael Urie,
Mike Farrell,
Loretta Swit,
Christine Lahti,
Steven Pasquale,
Dominic Fumusa
and Emily Tyra.

Remember this sage advice: never murder a man who is committing suicide.

THE GOOD NEWS: TRUMP WON!!! Even Better news. Michelle Obama is being replaced by an immigrant.


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