DNA is very complicated. Danney Williams claims he was conceived out of wedlock and that Bill Clinton is his father. Williams further believes Bill Clinton’s DNA will prove Bill is Danney’s father.

Danney want’s the courts to order Clinton to submit his DNA but Clinton’s DNA is in the Starr Report. Clinton’s DNA was found on Monica’s blue dress and the FBI tested it. The FBI report is HERE.  A rather detailed analysis of Clinton’s DNA and what it means if Danney’s DNA is compared to Bill Clintons is found on American Thinker HERE.

Briefly and simply if seven DNA markers are compared between Danney Williams and The FBI report of the DNA in the stain on Monica’s blue dress and those seven markers are the same it’s pretty certain and almost impregnable that there’s a “very high probability of being more than a coincidence that Bill Clinton could be Danney’s father and Danney is Chelsea’s half brother.

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