Trump wants to cut taxes. Mitch McConnell doesn’t want to cut taxes unless he’s assured there will be enough tax money to apy for what the government is doing. that’s the point. trump want’s government to stop doing some of the things government does that are not needed. Trump want’s to cut the debt. McConnell wants to raise it so government can borrow even more money. 

Trump is unique says Henry Kissinger. “No doubt, the president-elect is a personality for whom there is no precedent in modern American history,” Kissinger added from the podium in Oslo. He said that the personality of Donald Trump has “no precedent” in modern US history, but he should be given a chance to put forward his policies.

McConnell has problems talking about the cost of government. He seems to believe government must pay for spending by increased taxes. Pay and Tax, Pay and Tax. That’s the mantra of government but that’s not Trumps mantra. McConnell could cut costs but somehow he doesn’t seem to be able to cut costs or even get that thought into his head. That’s the bureaucrat mind-set.

Government is not a fixed pie. At any point the spending can be cut. Lower the spending and taxes can be lowered. The economy is stimulated instead of being reduced. When the people need more money cut spending. Government seems preternaturally unable to cut spending. 

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