The 2016 hero of Western Civilization is the American “basket of deplorables“, the millions who dared defy the Empire and vote for Trump.

The Establishment and especially the “Lyin’ Media” was bitch-slapped from Michael Moore to Megyn Kelly to SNL. The US propaganda machine was rolled by the deplorables. This was the biggest defeat in the history of propaganda ever. There’s nothing in second place. .

The media is immoral to it’s toes. It’s also really, really dumb. The willingness to not only lie, but condescendingly deny the obvious, and shame the saints on the Right show a total lack of conscience. The media. the press has no shame, decency. A hound dog has more virtue. the media gives prostitution a bad name.

Voters were subjected to the most intensive lying set of propaganda in civilized history. Keep in mind that in a tyranny adults know they are being lied to but American’s are brainwashed from birth to believe that the press is the best and freest in the world.

To vote for Trump, the voter had to go against every single sacred dogma of the US Establishment. This is far harder than simply opposing authority. Check out the Asch conformity experiments that were done in Swathmore or Milgram’s famous experiment on obedience and authority.

The psychological pressure against the voters was so intense that most Trump supporters were and still are afraid to say they supported Trump. The atmosphere of rabid hatred against Trump and total intolerance and demonization of his supporters is such, that many Americans have decided to hide their preference for Trump. There are no Trump hats being worn in public.
When it became clear Trump would be elected, the Liberals, the psycho-prostitutes in the media and the Hillary voters began taking out their hatred on the Trump supporters. Some Trumpsters were beat up. Their cars and their homes were defaced. The Liberals poured out such hate towards the entire Trump supporting nation that they would be embarrassed if they were at all normal but these people suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

But the people have had too many lies told to them. From the pseudo-patriotic ramblings of Dubya to the endless list of promises betrayed by Obama – the “common” folks whom Hillary referred to as the “basket deplorables” finally fought back the only way they could – they voted not only for Trump and against Hillary, but also against the regime, the polity, the power structure and the 1%ers who control it.

The main consequence of this vote is the very legitimacy of the entire political system has been discredited.

Think about it: thanks to the “Occupy Wall Street” movement it has become mainstream public knowledge that America is ruled by less than 1% of the population. America never was ruled by the people or for the people. Everyone knows America is run by a silent bunch of behind the scene people who buy and trade to get power.

With the Trump election, we also see that the country is run by a bizarre cocktail of minorities who only have one thing in common: their hatred of the majority. Lastly it is now also clear that the mainstream media is the most obnoxious, immoral and arrogant propaganda machine in world history. S

How about the people? America has clearly been a kind of occupied country, not by an invading force, but by an internal enemy who subjugated Americans to its own alien agenda and worldview.

By voting against the Establishment both Democrats and Republicans who voted for Trump sent a powerful message to the rest of the world. In Russia, this message was received with outright enthusiasm by the people even if experts were mostly much more cautious.

The vote against Hillary showed the world Americans don’t want an Empire, all they want is to make America America again. that’s part of what Trump promised when he said he would Make America Great Again.

The way the American “basket of deplorables” defied the oppressors in the Establishment was truly exceptional.

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