Obamacare is immoral. It’s unConstitutional according to the Supreme Court decision but they reasoned it is Constitutional as a tax. The Supreme’s argued on the basis of their opinions but not on the basis of morality. Here’s why Obamacare is immoral.

The Declaration of Independence identified four Rights; Life, Liberty, Property and The Pursuit of Happiness. The Right to your life means you are free to do whatever needed to sustain your own life so long as your actions do not encroach on the Rights of anyone else. The Right to your Life is a right to action – your action. Likewise, your Rights to Liberty, Property and the Pursuit of Happiness are also rights to actions you may take. Those actions are to be protected from the rest of the world by government which is the purpose, the moral purpose, of America because that purpose agrees with the set of principles, the moral code articulated in the Declaration. Those Rights and their protection by government are the moral foundations of America. Those rights and their protection are moral. Violations of those Rights are therefore immoral.

Sorry for the lecture – but the Constitution, the agreement that began America required that the moral foundation stated in the Declaration be followed. When it was not followed or when the agreement was broken by government the actions were immoral. Actions of private individuals who break the agreements in the COnstitution are criminals and are dealt with by the criminal code. America was founded on the moral code in the Declaration of Independence. No other nation has been founded on those principles. Neither has the so-called United Nations, a building that no longer belongs in America and a movement that defies the idea that government must protect the actions of its citizens.

Obamacare is not based on the idea of protecting the actions of Americans. It’s based on taking property from the possessors, stealing as many believe, and giving it to favored citizens. The favored citizens accept the stolen wealth as their part of a conspiracy and thereby include themselves in the crime.

Are the hospitals, doctors, healthcare workers and drug companies’ part of the conspiracy?  When they knowingly and willingly participate, they certainly are. they have an out if they know their compliance is mandatory then their actions are not immoral for them but the immorality of the government still applies to the actions of the doctors.

There’s a deeper set of human rights violations going on. Government control of healthcare prices demands the doctors accept the government’s price for their labor. It’s the same as you shopping and telling the cashier what you will pay. Although some doctors support government setting the prices, those are not the kinds of people who should be trusted with your life because they can’t be trusted to protect your property. Wait till government lowers the payments to the doctors. They agreed with the principle so to whom and about what can they complain? The powerful lobbyists will not be able to stop the bureaucrats because the lobbyists agreed long ago to do that, probably believing they could forever dictate prices to the government. The experiences of Europe and Canada prove that false.

In addition government will refuse to allow doctors to work without approval from the bureaucrats. Sure the lobbyists have won those battles so far but we know “Quality of Life” decisions will decide if grandma gets a hip replacement at age 90. That’s highly unlikely; that’s Rationing; that’s “death panels”; and just as sure as the doctor who saves a woman’s life by performing a prohibited procedure will be sanctioned under government controlled medicine, government will increase the number of prohibited procedures. Doctors will not be paid unless procedures are approved by the non-doctor bureaucrats. That’s part of the rationing of health care which the supporters of Obamacare deny will occur. Again, look to the UK and Canada for examples.

The immoral nature of a government that controls medicine is no different than the control of physical protection by racketeers. Both begin with the theft of money. Both take by force although government does not have to be blatant about the force used to collect taxes. Paying your income tax is not done voluntarily. Sure you assess your taxes yourself but you know the penalties for not paying which are extracted and enforced, not in kind and benevolent ways.

Taxes for the legitimate purposes in the Constitution are moral. Taxes extracted for un-constitutional purposes are not. That’s how simple it is to follow moral principles and how simple for government to break them.

The Left knows Socialized Medicine is unpopular so they renamed it “Single Payer System”, meaning government pays the doctors. That ignores the millions of payers who are forced to pay the government before the government pays the doctors. Obamacare should be called Million Payer System.

In addition to being immoral, Obamacare, (Socialized Medicine) is deadly. In England and New Zealand 50% of the women who develop breast cancer die compared to 20% in America. There is no “Equal Access”. Government officials receive vastly different medical care. Different racial groups receive lower levels of care, & have shorter life expectancies. There is rationing which is how government cuts it’s spending and controls the cost to government. Medicare rationing includes rationing of drugs. Certain medicines have been withheld from my Medicare coverage. Obamacare means “Red Tape”. Government operates via Red tape.  Obamacare and Medicare problems are the result of the takeover and the politicization of medicine. There’s no right to healthcare, only the right to pay for whatever you get.

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