President Obama was the first black Presidential candidate so the color of his skin brought out more voters. 6 million more in 2008 and 4 million more in 2012 than voted in 2016 which proves conclusively America is not a racist country. Period.

Trump brought out more voters than the Bush – Kerry and the Bush – Gore races but Obama is the biggest vote getter in American History. He also brought out a higher percent of people than Bush. 43% of the people voted in 2012 and 41% in 2008. Only 38% voted in 2016.

those numbers are the percent of total people who voted, not the total number of people who were registered to vote but when 5% fewer people vote, when 6 million fewer people vote something is going on that hasn’t been explained.

In 1980 Ronald Reagan won very convincingly over President Carter with 489 electoral votes to Carters 29. He won over Walter Mondale 525 electoral votes to 13 so voters responded more in the Reagan years than in 2016. Why?

Hillary and Trump were not as popular. America is also more divided in 2016 compared to the previous elections. The people are more anxious. Many don’t like what’s been going on. They see America diminished. They see immigrants who don’t want to be Americans coming to America.

America has been attacked inside America by Muslim Extremists during Obama’s presidency. Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were attacked and killed in Benghazi. Obama drew a red line that failed to keep his word about enforcing it. American’s didn’t respect that in a President. They feel betrayed on many issues by President Obama. America felt good electing a black man. Now they feel he let them down, not because he is black but because he didn’t keep his word.

Trump was elected to fix things. To improve law and order in America. To be tough in dealing with other countries around the world. To restore the shine to America’s stars.   

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