Many Americans believe the present President, Attorney General, the government, the Liberals, the teachers, the RNC, the DNC, and the media, are against them. If they are white they also believe the blacks are against them and as proof they offer the evening NEWS. The election of Donald Trump made many of them feel safer but most would like to have an AR-15 or two and a thousand rounds of ammo just in case things go wrong.

Jorge Luis Preciado, a Mexican Senator is leading the gun rights reform in Mexico.
Preciado says most Mexicans don’t report crime because they don’t trust the authorities. He says his reform initiative, which he intends to formally introduce in the Senate this week, was born out of the inability of Mexican institutions to uphold the rule of law.

“We are in the midst of a very complex situation and we are simply arguing that if the State cannot protect us then it should at least allow us to defend ourselves,” he said.


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