The 747 was designed over 50 years ago. One 747 costs over $400 million but with the modifications needed for Air Force One it’s probably more than $750 million. One 747 can seat up to 605 people, fly over 6,000 miles and needs a two mile long runway.

A comparable Airbus model 380 also costs over $400 million, seats over 840 people and also needs very long runways. 

A Learjet 45 seats nine passengers and can out climb the fastest 747 or Airbus and costs only $13 million. If Trump decides to change Air Force One to a Lear 45 he can save almost $400 million.

One 747 costs more than 30 Lear 45’s.

The 747 used by the President is large enough to carry long all of the media and press people.

Let the press travel in their own aircraft or go commercial. Why should the taxpayers pay for the press?  


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