Quote: “Congress repealed the country-of-origin-labeling rule (COOL) on beef and pork after the World Trade Organization (WTO) imposed $1 billion in retaliatory import tariffs against United States if the rule was not overturned. The repeal was part of the omnibus spending bill signed by President Obama.”

President Trump will, no doubt, at least require foreign products to show the country of origin both to let the foreign countries that ship great products to America to take credit for and be proud of the quality of their products and to inform the American buyers the country from which the products originate. It’s simple economic good sense to provide quality products and for people to be proud of their country too.
Liberals however demand America not identify American products as American. Doing so, they believe provides the white capitalistic culture an advantage over the products of other nations and that’s not fair.

But it is fair to inform the purchaser as much about the product as necessary to make an informed decision.

Dishonest garment makers for example will use inferior thread to hold their textiles together. A suit made with inferior thread will come apart as the chea

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