Hatred is a human emotion that in turn is a rapid addition of perceptions that are concluded to be a bit dangerous. It’s a survival attribute, part of the panoply of human actions that keep the entity safe.  Trump has triggered quite of bit of hatred against him, mostly from the education, professional media, Hollywood types aka., Liberals. It’s worn as a badge of honor by Trump supporters.

It’s not an exclusively American reaction against Trump. People around the world hate success. It’s been taught to them and they actually believe it, as though success is downright evil when just the opposite is true. Proof? Consider: 


“Life requires production. Today’s standard of living, with our computers, cell phones and life-saving medicines, far outstrips the wildest dreams of the past. All this wealth had to be created by individuals — and money is what enables production. “Money is your means of survival,” a character in Atlas Shrugged warns. “The verdict you pronounce upon the source of your livelihood is the verdict you pronounce upon your life.” Is that what you are afraid of? 

The ill-mannered stage actor who lectured a departing guest, Vice President Elect Pence, the actor was driven by hate. Typical, he disguised it by lying, telling us he’s afraid, meaning not hateful but hate drove his intellect that night. Anti-Trump lying is not confined to the lying media. Expect more over the next four years as the Liberals misread the reactions of normal people to their forcefully applied agenda. Cuba lends credence to that point.

Cubans were captured by a goofy guy who ordered the military to kill his opponents. American Liberals were jealous. Expect their rants to continue over the next four years but it’s time for America to overthrow the Left. Trump is their agent. America will right the badly listing ship of state. Even the Liberals lots will improve. That’s the Trump Effect.  . 

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