She believes her side should have won because they got more votes than Trump. He got the votes that counted. the votes that didn’t count went to Hillary. Trump won and Warren’s side lost by 306 to 232 of the only votes that counted, the votes of the Electoral College. Hillary needed 36 more Electoral votes. That’s 36 divided by her 232 which is 15% fewer electoral votes than she received. Trump received 36 more than he needed. that’s 36 divided by 306 which is 12% more than he needed. Hillary was landslided.   Good.

Warren is one of the more obnoxious of the nutty Liberals who have scant appreciation for the founding principle of America, the Individual Right. America is the only country that requires the government to protect Individual Rights. Warren, Marx, Mao, Castro and o a load of other Liberals believe the state is supreme and the state can dictate to individuals. Thankfully there aren’t enough of Warren’s ilk in America so Hillary lost. Warren, a Left Wingnut snot has been lost most of her life.

Her idea that no one can do things on their own overlooks the fact that anything built with taxes is the property of everyone including the people who build things that use the things they helped pay for with their taxes. Warren get’s a lot of important things mixed up. Fortunately a lot of people do too so mistaken people get elected by mistaken people. .

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