He’s wrecked America more than any other Socialist since Woodrow Wilson, the man who started the UN. Obama paid all of the money the previous Presidents refused to pay the UN because of the UN’s work against America. Obama is more than a Socialist, – he’s an avenger,  determined to demolish as much of America, Great Britain and the West because they are the targets in the crosshairs of Obama’s rage. Long ago Obama learned to use Race Guilt to punish America. He’s recklessly spent trillions to devalue the dollar and thereby make it more expensive for Americans to live and work. He stopped the Keystone pipeline, prohibited oil production in America and paid Brazil billions to get oil from the Atlantic Ocean — for oil rich Brazil. Obama is determined to punish America by destroying as much of it as he can by spending all he can. While he has followers, many of whom he has deceived, he is very much on his own as a Destroyer of America.

While trying to waste and spend as much tax money as possible, he’s run the most corrupt government in American history. See: “FLEECED” by Dick Morris. More sordid payoff’s than brokered by Hillary and Bill in their long deceptive careers from Arkansas to New York. Bill, the most pornographic President, was not as bad for America as Obama who has been a nightmare and a disaster. Four more years will make things eight times worse. Even if you hate Romney, Vote for Romney because no one has destroyed more of America than Obama.

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