The man is almost unbelievable. He just did what Obama couldn’t do to keep Carrier in America.
Graciously, Trump took to Twitter late Tuesday to thank Carrier.
“Big day on Thursday for Indiana and the great workers of that wonderful state. We will keep our companies and jobs in the U.S. Thanks Carrier,” he wrote.
Detractors are saying Trump gave incentives to keep Carrier in America. the question is: Why didn’t Obama do it? Part of the answer is Obama couldn’t do it.

Carrier Corp. announced it reached an agreement with President-elect Donald Trump to keep “close to 1,000 jobs” in the city, scrapping a plan to shift all of its Indianapolis operations to Mexico. The heating and air conditioning giant confirmed the agreement on Twitter.

Trump campaigned on keeping manufacturing jobs in the U.S.,and promised he would convince Carrier to stay in Indianapolis — or punish the company if it refused. Trump has said he would impose a 35 percent tariff on companies that move jobs outside the U.S.

Obama had nine months to do something to keep Carrier. He did nothing. Trump did more in one meeting than Obama did in nine months. that’s why so many people voted to elect Donald J. Trump President.
Obama should announce he will defer all of the important functions of government to Donald Trump immediately before Obama does even more damage to America.

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