It would be more than poetic justice if Kaepernick was detained on Cuba after the funeral. It would also solve a sticky wicket for Obama about who to send to Cuba to represent America. He could send Kaep who admires Fidel and Malcolm X,
No American should show any respect at all for Castro. Kaepernick is a confused young man who hasn’t really done anything extraordinary except to show his disrespect for the country in which he lives. If he as half serious about hating the so-called “Oppression” in America he would leave and go somewhere he admires.

Kaep has a white mother and a black father who left his mother before their son was born. was born in Wisconsin. Is that of the psychological stress Kaep enduring? Is that part of part of Kaep’s protest against America? One can only imagine. 

He said: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” 
But America doesn’t “oppress black people”. No visible or hidden policy does that. In fact it’s just the opposite as proven by Kaepernicks own position in America. How is the young man oppressed? He’s at the top of the American food chain. If he wasn’t his positions wouldn’t be known.
Kaep wears a Castro T shirt wiht Malcolm X. He needs to check Castro’s Firing Squads that murdered objectors, people like Kaep who have a different idea than the leader. HERE.


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