There are a total of 538 electoral votes. Half plus one is 270. The number of electoral college votes Trump won is 306. Hillary has 232, a difference of 74 votes. If her total increases by 38 she wins the presidency.
Wisconsin has 10 electoral votes, Michigan 16 and PA 20, a total of 46 electoral votes. If Hillary gets PA and Michigan reversed her total electoral vote changes from 232 to 268. She needs a total of 269.
Trump has 306 electoral votes. If he loses PA and Michigan he loses 36 votes. His total changes to 270. He will still be the President Elect.
If Hillary wins Wisconsin with 10 electoral votes in addition to Michigan and PA she wins with 278 to Trumps 260.
But the chances of a recount changing the election results is less than 1%. It’s probably zero but for arguments sake call it 1%. Bet the farm Hillary still loses.

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