The polls were wrong.
She’s an obnoxious person.
Trump is far more likable. He has wonderful kids by three loving women, each of whom is also far more likable than Hillary.
Hillary is weak. If she was strong Bill wouldn’t have run off with so many women so often. She’s almost unlikable. the polls didn’t pick up that attribute.
She was further weakened by President Obama who is another unliked character. His unlikeability is far less than Hillary’s but his policies and his unilateral, un-cooperative Executive Orders rankled Americans far more than he, she and the democratic Party realized or admitted.

Obama campaigned for Hillary which showed how bad she was and how bad he knew he was too. His legacy will be reversed by Trump who can easily simply undo his obnoxious Exec Orders.
Obama played the race card and made race more divisive than ever. Ironic. He was elected as a racial transcendent president and he set race relations back 50 years.

The nightmare of ObamaCare certainly caused loads of people to vote against Hillary and Obama. Hillary and Obama own that disaster. ObamaCare is what happens when over educated/under smart political hacks are allowed to run free.
Obama’s anti-American policy and his importation of tens of thousands of un-vetted Muslims from Syria and the Middle East help. Americans were and are understandably concerned about allowing un-vetted Muslim immigration.

Polls show Americans greatly desire a closed border and the halting of illegal immigration. Americans opposed the ridiculous Stimulus Bill that sent a trillion dollars to Democrat cronies. Americans opposed “Cash for Clunkers” that were actually fine, working automobiles that hurt the poor when they were forcibly removed from the free market.

Obama defended Islam after every Muslim terrorist attack on US soil. He even refused to utter the words “radical Islam.” His Veterans Affairs bureaucracy and his treatment of veterans has been disgraceful.

Obama has destroyed the US military by purging quality, experienced General Officer patriots and replacing them with politically correct hacks more concerned with approving sex changes for homosexual soldiers than winning wars.

Obama has defended and honored the mostly black thugs killed by police while ignoring our military dead. He criticized the police and now has black thugs assassinating our men and women in blue. Obama added $8 trillion in debt and a huge, omnipotent bureaucracy of unelected tyrants in the EPA and IRS to further plague American businesses.

And what does Obama and the Democrat Party spend months defending? Men using public bathrooms with women.

After 8 years of the disastrous Obama administration, the Democrats serve up the awful Hillary Clinton. Stupid,

Then there’s the anchor Tim Kaine who hurt Hillary by his presence. A complete unknown who brought no natural likability to her campaign. Maybe he’s a nice guy but he hurt Hillary.

Megyn Kelly was the darling of the Losing Left as she unfairly ripped into Candidate Donald Trump. If there is Justice in the Universe her public career should tank under President Trump.

“At least now Americans know who the enemy is. Obama and Clinton had everyone hoodwinked, and that is why so many voters are so glad Trump won. All in all, liberals sold themselves out in this election by supporting a fraud.
Hillary lost and so did Obama. Throw your safety pins in the trash, let go of your childish trigger warnings and safe spaces. Go to the right bathroom and join the real world.
America won.

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