Everybody was working to get Trump elected. With all that help he couldn’t lose .
Hillary showed her contempt for over half of America when she called them “Deplorables. That’s when Trump knew he had the election in the bag. He had been looking for a way to destroy Hillary but Hillary did it for him. How sweet it must have been.

Hillary made him President.

#Black Lives Matter also helped get the Donald elected. With their chanting and hooting after the shooting of cops, BLM condemned themselves. Just like Hillary, they helped get Donald elected.

George Soros helped Trump too as Soros paid for the snowflakes to show up at Trump rallies and beat on Trump’s supporters, vandalize cars, and of course loot, all the while thinking they were working against the Trumpster. Hahaha. .
Ordinary people were sick of lawlessness, and of the establishment that protected and tolerated it. The MSM produced more votes against Hillary and against the privileged class she represented. How peverse is that? LOL.

Immigration. Can you believe how successful Obama was in getting Donald elected? Obama desperately brought in as many “refugees” as possible from everywhere. Hillary promised to import huge numbers of Muslims. How stupid were these people? they were dealing with a country in which Trump had worked banging in nails, hanging drywall and seeing first hand the kinds of people Hillary had no idea about.

It is why she is not President.

The talking heads chortled and sneered and got handed their ass on a plate. They worked as stealth lobbyists for the Donald.

The MSM didn’t grasp they were widely hated. Their overt hostility to anyone willing to consider Trump gave Trump millions of votes. “If those bastards don’t like Donald, he must be OK.”

They made him President.

Trump slapped down Megyn Kelly. The talking heads exploded with delight Trump had just screwed the pooch and couldn’t win. They concluded, wrongly that Trump had just screwed himself with women.

Look at the election returns: 42% of women, and 53% of white women, voted for…oops, Trump.

Why? Turns out women think for themselves. Maybe they thought Megyn, an abrasive plastic Barbie who probably gets more daily maintenance than a 747, was . . . . an abrasive Barbie after all.
Trump should say to them, to Hillary, the MSM, to BLM, to Kelly and the Snowflakes, “Thank you, thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

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