Donald Trump received more free advertising from the three late night TV hosts who unwittingly propelled him into the Presidency.  Now they will continue to attack President Trump practically guaranteeing him a second term if he want’s it. What’s up with them?

For starters they don’t know Marketing. Everytime they mention his name they generate “an impression”. Impressions generate market share. More mentions, higher share. Impressions are always good to get. Google “Impressions” to learn how vital they are in the world of advertising.

Just kidding that Kimmel, Fallon and Colbert love Trump. They really do hate him. They detest his success but the more they rant and joke about him the more popular they make him. They’re in the business of comedy and the Trump jokes are on them. The paradox never seems to dawn on them. They are joking about the man for whom half the people voted for. That’s why late night TV and the comedians are losing viewers. Good.     

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