America’s Leftist brownshirt media seized the “Hamilton” – Pence incident and has been covering it as Trump’s fault. It’s hard, perhaps impossible not to see this as a setup by the left-press and the usual dyspeptic suspects to spin an incident to paint Trump as the extremist. They are assigning malice and wrongdoing to Trump without learning the lesson of Trumps election to the Presidency.

One can guess that Trump’s America is drawing a lesson from what they are seeing on their TV screens. Will they accept Trump being mocked from the Broadway stage by anti-white supremacists who gained power as the Ayatollah did in Tehran by breaking the time accepted rules that the embassy and the audience is a safe place? This is textbook hooliganism and completely non-American wrote Ann Coulter.
Trump has never ever had any kind of goon squad. “Hamilton” was a set-up by the non-white cast who knew all night they were going to do this as part of their War Against Trump.

The supreme affront here is that the MSM and the “diverse”, (non-white) assembly are using exactly the same tactics as the Ayatollah, the Nazis and the Communists. How far haven’t we come?
What’s next? Breaking store windows on Broadway? A personal appearance of the leader of the orchestra George Soros? HERE.

There is a wider need in America to assimilate those citizens who harbor resentment against the country. Lin-Manuel Miranda can be a force for assimilation or a force of resistance within America. Either role is available but Miranda’s path seems weirdly certain. Miranda can attend Trump at the White House or continue to bang on the fence. 

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