Leftist American’s don’t want to join the Kumbaya hug and come together for President Trump. They can’t let their anger go. They want more battles, not healing. 

Healing one’s enemy is an intrinsic misconception. By definition, one cannot pacify the implacable foe, and shouldn’t fall into the deceptively alluring trap of believing that social, cultural and political harmony can ultimately prevail on any imaginable level.

Trumps enemies on the left— Obama, the media, the professors, the brainwashed student cohort, the entertainment industry, the Democratic Party— and his enemies on the right— the Bush family, the Republican aristocracy, the Muslim sector, the fringe fascists— will not go away. They will work against Trump indefatigably regardless of your best intentions.

The time has come for President Trump to continue the political and cultural battle, not to propose or settle for a truce with those who endanger the survival of America and who are relentless in their hatred agaisnt America. President Trump must be even more relentless in his effort to revisit the Fifth Labor of Hercules and clean the Augean Stables that American politics has become. The opportunity is there. We’re behind you. Let’s get this done.

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