Megyn Kelly started the descent of FOX NEWS. Bill O’Reilly leaned to the left and was never a reliable conservative. Greta Van Susteren did commendable conservative work as did Brit Hume, Bret Baier, Kimberly Guilfoyle and Eric Bolling but the rest of the talking faces were middle of the roaders or Lefties. But the conservative bent was sent to the left when Rodger Ailes left.

Can FOX recover? Is it even necessary for the conservative movement to have FOX on their side? Yes and yes. FOX was the only counterbalance to the Soviet-style left side of the political spectrum. That’s necessary. FOX with its right leaning conservative talkers was effective and can be effective again but Trump got elected without much support from FOX. Frankly, FOX predicted to itself that Clinton would win. They surprised themselves when Trump won the Presidency.

Trump won the electoral vote. The popular vote was too close to say America is Liberal or Conservative. Americans find bits of both that appeal to them. The media, print, TV and academically has been shooting Socialist propaganda into America’s veins for decades and it’s been effective in splitting the public square into Socialist and Conservative sections.

The press is working hard to discredit and delegitimatize President Trump. It has doubled down it’s attacks and it’s going to get worse for Trump, for the Conservatives, the Tea Parties and the everyday Republicans.

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