It’s a rather fantastic place both in history and actuality. One of the greatest of human treasures, it is a testament to the human minds that conceived it and the human hands that created it from the shapeless stones of the earth. The feeling of awe upon realizing it’s deep connections with our common past seems to have been lost on President Obama as he nonchalantly strolled along, cheap windreaker jacket, hands in his pocket as he made a most perfunctory stroll along the great ruins of the Parthenon.

The Parthenon is historic. Obama is a historic footnote. History records him as the first black president of America. He was not a transformational President who brought Americans together but neither was he able to split us apart. America is still chock full of Americans, no thanks to him.

Too bad Obama didn’t get the significance of the Parthenon. Even worse, he doesn’t get the significance of America. He was the President that proved American’s are neither bigots nor haters. He doesn’t get that either.

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