She’s like the deceitful Trojan Horse sent inside the enemies walls as a gift that was hiding a raiding force.

Kelly’s success is because of what she denies. Her looks. She uses them to defeat men. Kelly is a misandrist, a hater of men. She praises her son because he agrees his younger sister could be the first woman president without acknowledging a similar goal for him. For Kelly it’s all about sex. Newt Gingrich told her she’s fascinated with sex. She responded he has anger issues. He said so does she. It’s the sex. 

Maybe she admits it’s a paternalistic world but is it? Her book is flogged with a nod to her narcissism. She’s a one-act pony and that act is her appearance. It’s why she, not some guy is so popular as a Trump (man) hater and both, Drudge and Hollywood Reporter are smart enough to play her gender card. She a lawyer who over-prepares, her word for preparation.

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