This is the second air compressor repair on two different Jaguars. The first went amazingly well. Tim Muroe / Pro-Imports in Collingswood NJ did the first repair fantastically. Neither he nor his mechanics had ever done it before but they stepped up, read the instructions from Bagpiping Andy and zippo, ~ faster than getting the Presidential Election results, the beautiful Jaguar was back on the road.

It’s a cruel world. The second Jag wouldn’t pump up this cold morning so a second suspension compressor repair kit has been ordered straight from the UK. It’s due to arrive in one to 2.5  weeks.

After it heated up the second Jag finally pumped up the suspension so we can still ride around enjoying the wonderful fall colors while we wait for Andy Fulton’s repair kit.

Thank you Andy Fulton. Because of your inventiveness Life is Good.  


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