It opened at Number 1.

Many of the facts in 2016 come from Obama himself. They are read directly from Obama’s book: “Dreams From My Father”. D’Sousa is no flash in the pan. He’s the real deal who as an outsider, came to America and because of what he saw, the way he thinks and the principles he follows, knew what to look for when he began to study Obama.

D’Souza is the President of Kings College New York. He’s been published and did an immense amount of work to identify Obama’s Roots. In 2008 the media worldwide swooned over Obama. they avoided asking about his background and they thereby committed America to an ignorance about Obama. The Left could have easily done what D’Souza did, i.e., find aout about and report about Obama.

So the Left ignored and thereby missed his background;

  1. his close association with known enemies of America;

  2. his super-communist, anti-America PhD. mom;

  3. his communist grandparents;

  4. the anti-white backlash in Hawaii that partly formed Obama’s anti-colonial youth; 

  5. his communist loving mentor Frank Marshall Davis who was put in charge of young Obama’s education by Davis’s friends, Obama’s grandparents; 

  6. former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers who escaped murder charges because of a procedural mistep by prosecutors;

  7. Palestinian academic Edward Said, whose views are too politely described as anti-Zionist;

  8. radical liberal anti-West Harvard Law professor Roberto Unger; and the

  9. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a proponent of so-called black liberation theology who has been shut-up by Obama’s handlers, and

  10. the white guilt that elected Obama.

  11. Shelby Steel who appears in the movie believes because Obama was black he was elected.

  12. Steel also said people are afraid of blacks because blacks are angry and angry people frighten the rest of us. Obama knew that so he carefully did not appear angry……. but he was.

If you are a Tea Party/Patriot the movie will wake you to what’s been going on. If you are a middle of the road Conservative or Liberal you will be astounded by the depth of the now Presidents hidden agenda and it you are normal you will be outraged by Obama’s deceptions.

The production values are first rate. The narration by D’Souza and Obama himself who reads from Dreams From My Father, is pitch perfect. The information astounds. The candidates deceptions violate the trust of Americans. This man should not have come to power. He corresponded with his Kenyan father for a decade so it’s clear he projects his fathers hatred towards the British and whites,  his ancestoral swoons for the false values of Socialism in addition to his mother’s and grandparents anti-West and Marxist loving ideas. He’s not a practicing Christian by any measure. He’s an adroit prevaricator, fabulist, fibber, misleader, perjurer and trickster. His ancestors were all anti-West. His angry DNA lacks red, white and blue.

He should not remain in power. He is anti-America in the worst sense in that he is against America on many different levels. His actions seem aimed at punishing America, Great Britain, Israel and the West while pushing the Middle East towards unification based on even more hatred of America. The stunned audience cheered at the end of the movie because they love America and in their judgment the movie revealed and proved the truth about this extreme and duplicious agent of the Left.  

Ground Zero for the Liberal Left is Hollywood which wrote: “But the shocker was Rocky Mountain Pictures’ political documentary 2016 Obama’s America.  Hollywood is always “shocked” when movies they hate do well at the box office.  Check out the popularity and commercial success of 2016 the movie at: 

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