Trump won the White House. the GOP retained both wings of Congress, and will soon enough hold down the Supreme Court. It also holds most of the state governments. The Democratic party busy explaining why Trump shouldn’t have won. They don’t understand why they lost and they are continuing to do the same things they did to lose. That’s a classic definition of insanity. The Left is going insane while we all watch in stunned disbelief.

Why can’t the Democrats figure out why they lost?

Well, if they could do that they would have done that and they would have won. Hillary received a minuscule .0004 more votes but she lost in places that invalidated her higher numbers in other places. The Democrats lost Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. that’s been their strong suit, middle class working stiffs. They voted Republican. How nuts is that?

Not as nutty as the snowflakes who are walking around in shock demonstrating because Hillary lost when she was supposed to win. The fix was in but the fix got broken. Trump won.
The snowflakes aren’t snow flakes after all, just flakes. their stupid crazy marching is proving it. Sore losers. Poor sports. Good thing they aren’t athletic. Pasty looking types. HaHaHa.

Hillary lacked courage. She was afraid to tell her supporters she lost. Next day she wore the silliest looking goof suit with purple clown lapels that looked like a circus side show get-up. Someone should have told her halloween was over. Ditch the costume.
Hillary’s farewell speech proved she’s still a hypocrite. Spmehow she thought little girls had problems like she had and that stayed with her all her life. Anyhow she addressed little girls when she should have talked to the big girls and boys in front of her. Little girls don’t vote.

She should have copped to her brutal destruction of infrastructure, the breakdown of law and order, and the eventual collapse of the Libyan state, throwing thousands of brown women, boys and girls into extreme danger and exile. She exported the same plan to Syria. And she supported a coup d’état in Honduras that has now led to predictably vicious repression and regular homicide.

The truth is, Hillary was a terrible candidate. Worse than Al Gore the big bore. Hillary is charmless and toneless. In an election atmosphere typified by personality politics, Hillary lacked one. She lost. Trump won. HaHaHaHa.

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