So worried PJ O’Rourke before the election when P J though Trump would lose.

Trump didn’t win because people liked him. Trump was elected because enough people were fed up with the last four years of eating crap from the progressives. His victory wasn’t based on America’s hatred of black people. That hatred is far too unimportant to get Trump elected.

Hillary has eight years of Obama and his agenda to thank for her loss. Obama has diminished America’s position in the world on purpose. He ram-rodded the unpopular and expensive Obamacare thru a one-sided majority Congress and his legacy will pay for that by Obamacare being repealed.

He failed to do anything once Ashad crossed over Obama’s Red Line. He took credit for the killing Osama binLadin when it was an operation started by George Bush. He removed several dictators from power with no plans to re-organize the government’s. Hillary was at his side.

There is no button. The briefcase with the so called Nuclear Codes is called the “football”. It’s carried by the military aide to the president. It includes authentication codes designed to ensure that any launch order comes only from the commander in chief.

The “football” also contains a book of options benignly called the “Presidential Decision Handbook.” This top secret/code-word book, known as the “Black Book,” of about 75 pages has separate contingency plans for using nuclear weapons against potential adversaries such as Russia and China. There is no button in the hands of the President but his orders will cause buttons to be pushed and levers to be pulled to send missiles and assorted war vehicles with nuclear weapons against threats and enemies making them.


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