Tracinski and a lot of other people believe Donald Trump supports Vladimir Putin.
Trump said this about the Russian president: “a leader, far more than our president has been a leader.”

Vice presidential nominee Indiana Gov. Mike Pence backed up those sentiments from his running mate, telling CNN that it was “inarguable” that Putin was a stronger leader than President Obama.

Trump did not say as Tracinski and company wrongly believe that he supports Vladimir Putin because he doesn’t. He knows Putin is the leader of Russia and that he and Putin are two important players in two important countries. He called him “a leader”. Trump didn’t say he’s a moral leader, just that he’s more of a leader than Obama.

Trump made immigration the signature issue of his campaign. No less a thinker than Leonard Peikoff who like Tracinski are not supporting Trump because of, ..well, who knows. Their position seems to boil down to: they just hate him. they need to grasp that the election was a binary choice between two alternatives. Of course there’s a bunch of other options like writing in someone else or not voting. those options are problems too.

Trump want’s to control immigration. Neither Peikoff not Tracinski would support the relatively uncontrolled illegal immigration that’s been supported by Obama, the progressives, by Hillary, the Democrats and the Left. According to Tracinski and company having real borders is fascist. Wanting to preserve ones culture and way of life is fascist. Wanting not to get swamped by the Third World is fascist. They would have you believe America was fascist until the Silly Sixties when our slow motion immigration disaster began; that during the 18th, 19th and pre-WWII 20th century, America was a kind of Third Reich, the generally happy background of old pre-war movies notwithstanding.

What happened to Treacinski’s powers of reasoning? He seems to have abandoned them when it comes to Donald Trump. Perhaps Tray thought Trump was John Galt but Tray found out Trump is human too.

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