He went into a “White-Lash”, his invented word that shows his hatred, White Lash is white based and race based hatred. A Whitey-Based characteristic isn’t something a black guy can easily do. Of course all black people have loads of attributes like white people, all of their physiology is after all, identical so it’s easy for VanJones to go all white whenever he want’s to just as he can black-up too. His schtick is to hate America because it’s run by white people but the majority run things around the world. Mandela in South Africa, now run by Jacob Zuma with whom VanJones gets and shares his anti-white / anti-America / anti-American white hot hatreds

Plus, VanJones is a snowflake at heart. Another poor sport loser who can’t grasp why His Hillary loving heart misled him again. Trump needs to isolate people like Van Jones, not because they are black but because they get so many things so wrong so often.  .

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