The Bush families are done. So is “Dingy Harry” Reid. So is Obama; Van Jones; Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder and an assorted collection of motley types.

But there are too many: Democrats, Liberals and Left Wing-nuts, .. still in congress. Time for the Tea Parties to go after them. Go after the Democrats in Congress. Make their every step in support of their Socialist Agenda difficult.

The Tea Parties have a desire for perfection. they became focused on the Republicans but they devolved into going after the republicans to make sure their election promises were kept. Fine, but in the process they were doing the Democrats jobs for them by “holding the Republicans feet to the fire”.

This is 180 degrees wrong. It’s the Democrats who need watching. The Tea Parties for a start need to list the elected Democrats in their areas, list their promises and oppose them. The Tea Parties need to either leave the Republicans alone or help them get elected. the Socialists, — the enemies of the America way are the Democrats. The “T’s” need to focus on the right enemy. .

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