Polls fail to count the number of people who attend the rallies. Trump has been leading Hillary all along by major percentages.
Trump gets 20,000 people, Hillary barely 2,000. She knows she’s about to lose so she just cancelled her victory fireworks display in Manhattan.

The pollsters believe Donald has high negatives but they have never polled the number of people who hate Hillary. She’s been a complete turn-off for the last 30 years from her firing of the travel office people to her disdain for women when she said” “I suppose I could have stayed home, baked cookies and had teas”.
Many traditionalists —as well as women who might otherwise have supported the Clintons —were outraged. “If I ever entertained the idea of voting for Bill Clinton, the smug bitchiness of his wife’s comment has nipped that notion in the bud,” one New Jersey voter told TIME back then. “I resent the implication that those of us who stay at home just bake cookies.”
Hillary hate however in more than superficial. She’s a thoroughly unlikable person. Rolling Stone for example wrote: “How Hillary Clinton Became a Vessel for America’s Fury”. It’s been that way for the past 30 years because that’s the way she’s been for the past 30 years.
Henry Louis Gates’ reported piece on the widespread animosity for the then–first lady. “Like horse-racing, Hillary-hating has become one of those national pastimes which unite the élite and the lumpen,” Gates wrote. “[T]here’s just something about her that pisses people off,” the renowned Washington hostess Sally Quinn told Gates. “This is the reaction that she elicits from people.”
Former Republican speechwriter Peggy Noonan described “an air of apple-cheeked certitude” in Clinton that is “political in its nature and grating in its effects.” Noonan saw in Clinton “an implicit insistence throughout her career that hers were the politics of moral decency and therefore those who opposed her politics were obviously of a lower moral order.” She looks down on most people. Trump in fact respects people. He has tons more money than Hillary and it’s because he can do easily what is impossible for Hillary to imagine let alone do. Trump likes people. Hillary hates us.
Hillary doesn’t smile, she sneers. Eighty-two percent of people consider her “corrupt.” The motives for loathing Clinton have evolved, but the loathing itself has remained constant.
“It’s not that I just don’t like Hillary’s positions,” says Margo Guryan Rosner, a Los Angeles songwriter (her work has been recorded by Julie London, Mama Cass, and Harry Belafonte, among others) and Sanders devotee. “I don’t like her.”
Some who loathe Clinton see her as the living embodiment of avarice and deception. These Clinton haters take at face value every charge Republicans have ever hurled at her, as well as dark accusations that circulate online. They have the most invidious possible explanation for Whitewater, the dubious real estate deal that served as a pretext for endless Republican investigations of the Clintons in the 1990s.

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