Hillary hasn’t suffered — Paglia says — because she is a woman. She has shamelessly exploited the fact: ‘It’s an outrage how she’s played the gender card. She is a woman without accomplishment. “I sponsored or co-sponsored 400 bills.” Oh really? These were bills to rename bridges and so forth. And the things she has accomplished have been like the destabilization of North Africa, causing refugees to flood into Italy… The woman is a disaster!’
The American Voting Public can judge the antics of Hillary Clinton and conclude on the basis of where there’s smoke there’s fire that Clinton’s thought process was dysfunctional, a result of a paranoia that drove her to attempt secracy which because of another dysfunction, megalomania caused a external source to judge her to be suspicious of anything possibly even herself. this is aberrant behavior and doesn’t belong in a leader let alone a leader with nuclear weapons ar her fingertips. Seeing this and jusging it the voters will refuse to elect her as President. Trump will win in a landslide. All that’s required is one more week to prove it.
In addition there are the following faults with Hillary:
1. The political signs in favor of Trump are more numerous than ever. Hillary political signs, not so much.

2. Trump rallies are overwhelming compared to Hillary’s
3. Hillary’s E-mail problem which will get her indicted whether or not she wins or loses. Most people are honest enough and have integrity. They don’t like what Hillary got away with while others including General Petreus were punished.
4. Hillary want’s more immigrants. Most Americans have their fill with immigrants.
5. Hillary is a War Hawk. Most people don’t like war even when America is right to engage in it.
6. Her husband is a big problem. Most people don’t want Bill in the White House again.
7. Hillary knows almost nothing about guns so she’s in favor of more regulation. Most Americans want Americans who want guns to be able to acquire them.
8. Most people judge the Clinton Foundation to be at least immoral and a move to shakedown big payments from foreign governments for access that they cannot get through normal means.
9. Some people believe the Clinton family is a tawdry Criminal Enterprise.
10. Most people know she failed to act correctly in Libya and the murders of four Americans are on her.
11. Most people know she lied repeatedly about Benghazi and blamed her ineptitude on a fictitious video.
12. Her speeches were a cover-up to get money by putting the payments into her supposedly charitable Clinton Foundation.
13. Whitewater
14. The callous Travel Office firings.
15. the Rose Law Firm Billing Records.
16. Searching and removing documents from Vince Fosters office after he committed suicide.
All of the above plus loads more are why more people will vote for Trump than Hillary.
It’s coming.
Need more reasons?
1. Benghazi: Lying About a Video causing 4 deaths. She decided not to reinforce security. Why wasn’t a rescue attempt ordered? Who was involved ion the cover-up?
2. Benghazi bad judgment post facto. “What difference at this point does that make?”
3. Scrubbed Her Server Clean of 30,000 to 60,000 email records With Knowledge And Forethought that that was a crime.
4. Travelgate. She fired longtime, loyal White House Employees and
5. Travelgate cont’d, She hired her friends to replace the loyal White House Employees.
6. She’s a born loser. Obama cleaned her clock in the Democratic Primary in 2008.
7. Whitewater.
8. Rose Law Firm Billing Records Hidden In the White House Residency.
9. She’s unlikable.
10. She has no charisma.
11. She’s So Washington.
12. Her hair is seldom clean looking.
13. She flew to 112 countries but achieved nothing except for the controversies. The world was in flames, the Middle East melted down, ISIS was born, Iran laughed in our face as they built a nuclear program- all under her leadership. True she flew around the world but so what? Her results are devastating. The world is a far more dangerous place. She negotiated no peace treaty; no accord; no summit of consequence but there are failures like Benghazi. What difference did she make?
14. Mrs. Pants Suits and Mao Jackets. Ignorance of style.
15. Ordered Vince Fosters office be scrubbed clean of records when he committed suicide.
16. Violated Campaign Finance Laws by accepting gifts and cash from foreign contributors.
17. She’s Chelsea’s Mom thereby an embarrassment to Chelsea.
18. Lack of achievements while Secretary of State.
19. Believes in Redistribution of Wealth but she’s a collector of wealth having raked in billions, including lots of illicit cash. .
20. Was fired from the Nixon Prosecutors team by for lying and unethical behavior so egregious that the manager, attorney Jeffery Zielfman refused to give her a letter of recommendation. Lying is part of her philosophy. Always has been. Always will be.
21. Unsuccessful in keeping her husbands libido satisfied for decades.
22. “She’s A Control Freak” says students at Kirkwood Community College.
23. “She Wants Immigration Reform Because They Need New Voters”, also from Kirkwood.
24. She’s so “Yesterday” says Marco Rubio
25. She’s self-centered. She says she’s one of us but hasn’t driven a car in 21 years. She demands and gets $200,000 for a ten minute speech. She has chauffeurs. She demands and gets a private Gulfstream G450, a large jet and she travels in a private jet. Her campaign Scooby Van is a fraud. She hasn’t driven in 25 years.
26. She’s Opportunistic. The Clintons have raised over $2 billion dollars in donations from the wealthiest people, companies and foreign governments in the world. Hillary’s not “conflicted.” Rather she is completely 100% bought and paid for. (HERE).
27. She’s Overly Secretive.
28. She accomplished just about Nothing as New York State Senator.
28. She tried and failed to “clean out the White House” by stealing whatever she could when she left.
29. She stole the china. She had to return stolen items to the White House.
30. She paid a fine for the items she stole from the White House.
31. In Texas they say: “All Hat, No Cattle”.
32. She said: “When we left the White House were dead broke.” That was a lie.
33. She’s purposely not “For everyone”. She’s myopically Woman-centric.
34. She’s “white born and bred” and very distant to blacks and Hispanics.
35. She’s prickly. 36. Aloof and 37. Snooty.
38. She’s not “Grassroots”
39. She’s all things to all voters on the campaign trail but privately she’s not.
40. $100,000 from her $1,000 investment.
41. She’s a woman but not a compelling woman. A female lacking femininity. She’s hard, brash and that’s why Bill found other females attractive and necessary.
42. She’s promoted herself but not as a mother or grandmother. Borrowing and paraphrasing: “I know Grandmothers and you’re no grandmother.”
43. Libya was over run with Terrorists under her watch.
44. Yemen was lost under her watch.
45. ISIS has spread across Syria, 46. Iraq and 47. Yemen under her watch.
48. Hillary is anti-Semitic.
49. She’s a racist. She insulted Indians by claiming Mahatma Gandhi, “ran a gas station down in Saint Louis.”
50. She’s most likely a criminal because she broke the law with regard to her U.S. State Department emails, publicly destroyed the evidence, got away with it, and won’t ever answer for it.
51. She’s a Crony Socialist, much closer to Marx than Obama.
52. She even cheats with 2 million phony Twitter followers.
53. She “fibbed” that her grandparents were immigrants. three were born in America.
54. She staged a campaign appearance at a rest stop then made it appear spontaneous.
53. Kathleen Wiley, against whom Hillary sent the Secret Service called her “The Wra On Women”.
54. Hillary called Bill’s longtime lover Gennifer Flowers “Trailer Park Trash” not realizing Gennifer was far more feminine than Low-Libido Hillary.
55. In a word, Hillary has been a hoax,

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