Radical Extremist is an understatement for this mixed up daughter of two extremely Left-Wing liberals. Maddow is so far left and so liberal that even the Left knows she is extreme.

Why is she so extreme? Probably a shrink could figure but it’s the purposeful distortions like her comments about Paul Ryan that show her to be not only extreme but an ideologue committed to rapture for Democratic Obama. Her words should not be trusted.  

“Here’s what MSNBC talking head Rachel Maddow spewed: “Mr. Ryan is now pushing a button that keeps the (President George W.) Bush tax cuts, again, whether or not you like the Bush tax cuts; they are not a fiscally conservative thing. They were not paid for, they were just larded on to the deficit. He keeps those budget-busting Bush tax cuts whole, and then he adds on to them, more than $4 trillion more in tax cuts that hugely, disproportionately, go to the richest people in this country. Hundreds of thousands of dollars going to every millionaire in the country. That’s expensive. How does he pay for it? He does not say.”

Strong words. Strong points. Is she right? No. She explains a tax cut is a budget busting maneuver but there are two parts to a budget, income and expenses. Cut expenses and cut taxes. If a budget is calculated with tax cuts as income it’s wrong. A tax cut is not income and it is not an expense. It’s nothing. Maddow is disingenuous when she says a tax cut is a budget buster. The budget busters are the spenders. That’s who Maddow supports.  She’s so far left that she’s whatever is after the far left. that’s what’s after the edge of the universe. Nothing.

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