When the pressure gets too high a safety valve returns the pressure to normal so the system can keep working. Governments need ways to de-pressurize hotheads who want to attack government. Dissent is one pathway and it provides a way to let the system return to normal.

Government cannot control dissent partly because it can pop-up anywhere in a country so government falsely “gives permission” to dissent, something it cannot control, but eventually government cracks down by putting some agitators and even some leaders in jail.

Kaepernich is such a safety valve. Like a lightening rod, he attracts the protesters, agitators and anti-government types who would normally remain in the shadows. When a Kaepernick shows up, government takes notes. If theagitators become successful government knows who they are and when the time is ripe, stops them.

The riots in Ferguson went on with government watching, recording, identifying and arresting, not every demonstrator, not every thief who stole from the merchants but enough to trick the people watching into believing government is doing something to stop the massive destruction of property, catching the destroyers and, well, it’s not happening because the riots are part of the safety valve.

Hillary is a special case. She’s been working with, in and for government

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