This  first part is a howler.

Vice President candidate  Joe Biden said: “Look, John’s (John McCain), last minute economic plan does nothing to tackle the number one job facing the middle class and it happens to be as Barack says: a three letter word. Jobs, J, O, B, S, jobs.” Watch it at:

Wow….Biden said it three times. “Jobs is a three letter word”. Here’s the reality of America’s economy. People need to earn money. The welfare state can give them a job but it will be an empty job for which their neighbors must pay. Socialism took control of government and worked to destroy the American culture. The daughter of Socialism, Faschism took control of commerce and made laws that caused the shut down of production in America. That’s what’s been going on. Government made it too expensive to manufacture steel in the United States so American manufacturers are forced to buy steel from other countries. Government over-taxed and over-regulated commerce so American manufacturing is too expensive. Companies that make things know America’s corrupt political class made it too expensive so they stop production in America.

I’m very familiar with the reasons why Yale forklifts are made in Nagoya, Japan. I’ve been there countless times. The Philadelphia YALE factory employed 3,000 people in the 1960’s. It made high quality forklifts, locks and hoists. Yale Philly closed in the 1980’s. Want to get those 3,000 jobs back? Get government to back off. Start by getting government out of steel making. Remove regulations until steel returns. U.S. Steel, Midvale, Bethlehem are gone and probably cannot be resuscitated but other steel companies can flourish in a renewed America. Good jobs will follow. It’s that simple but with the present leftist political controllers in charge, it won’t happen,  

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