Ryan is a fantastic choice. He’ll put both Obama and Biden in short pants in a debate. Although he supported Ayn Rand he has proclaimed he follows the philosophy of Aquinas.

Ayn Rand, (Eye-nn, – rhymes with mine), self-described herself as primarily a writer of fiction. She said she had to develop a new philosophy to be consistent when she described the actions of the hero’s in her novels. Rand went on to describe a new philosophy she called “Objectivism”.  Paul Ryan has given Rand’s epic novel “Atlas Shrugged” to his staff and a bell cannot be un-rung. Obama should distribute “The Communist Manifesto” but his staff has their own copies.

Ryan is Roman Catholic. Rand was a Capitalist. Roman Catholicism leans Left. Does that mean Ryan is a Socialist because his religion leans that way? Ryan will have to answer that on his own. My judgment is he has mixed premises meaning he has some Catholic principles and some Capitalist principles. He not an Objectivist but he has some parts of two sets of principles in his personal philosophy. He has stated philosophically he is a Thomist. The problem for Thomists is Aquinas’ basis of divinity in Arisotelian reality.

Roman Catholics can support Capitalism. The people of America lean left, meaning they are Socialists in their hearts. They can say they support Capitalism and Socialism. That’s like claiming one can be pregnant and not pregnant. Fundamentally its either/or on moral principles.

The President has moved American government further Left. Ryan wants to stop that. Perhaps all he can do is to slow it down. It will be up to later generations to move America to the right and to support laissez faire Capitalism which is the political system on which America was founded. Capitalism is the only moral political system because it’s based on the correct analysis of the nature of man.

Objectivism conclusively proves Capitalism is moral and that Socialism is immoral. It goes further. Objectivism proves Socailism is evil. Philosophy deals with fundamentals. At root, Socialism is evil because it’s opposed to the Nature of Man.

There’s a difference between a limited philosophy based on the Individual and a broad philosophy based on the Nature of the Individual. Objectivism is the later. Rand wrote far more than Atlas Shrugged and from conversations with people who have attempted to read Atlas, the novel is too deep for many people. Rand wrote even deeper. “The Romantic Manifesto”; “Introduction to Objectivist Epistimology” “Philosophy Who Needs It?” and more. There are many people who have read Atlas and completely get it. A typical response is: “Atlas changed my life”. Socialists as a class don’t grasp Objectivist principles because Objectivism is opposed to Socialism. Ryan gets it.

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