Barack Obama ruined the health insurance business when he and other government officials put themselves into the health decisions of all Americans. Chief Justice John Roberts ruled it was Unconstitutional. 

But in a bizarre twist Roberts ruled it’s OK to tax people for not buying what violated the laws by it’s existence.

It’s like saying I know I shouldn’t have murdered but I’ll never do it again. Hillary got away with the same thing in the sense that she violated to laws of America and got away with it.

The problem for  America is what to do about healthcare insurance that violates the law.

How effective is the Constitution if the Supreme Court itself is willing to help the President and Congress weasel their way around the constraints on federal power that the document was intended to impose?

But the Constitution is still the law. The Supreme Court made a mistake letting Obamacare stay but Obama caused the violation.

The Constitution is a promise written by people who had experienced life under a tyrannical government. They knew the most important issue was to wall off government power from our private lives and to make sure that nobody — especially not elected officials, get to dictate how we live our lives. Obamacare, the ACA is dictation by a dictator like president who knows it’s unconstitutional. So does the Supreme Court.

The problem for Trump is that so many people have ordered their lives around Obamacare that replacing it will be politically dangerous although it’s not intellectually difficult to remove the boot of government from the necks of the people.



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