An astute reader need not get far into the multi-page document “Shaping the D&L (Delaware and Lehigh) Drive” before noting the double talk employed to sell this huge and all-encompassing project to unwary citizens.

This D&L Drive proposal is sponsored by a corporation from Easton. If the townships along the proposed impacted route in Bucks County sign on, zoning regulations now in place will be forfeited to an entity not residing in Bucks County but with the power to make decisions for Bucks County residents!

 Scenic, Natural, Historic, Cultural, Archaeological and Recreational are pleasant words conjuring images of tranquility, beauty, pride and relaxation. Nice words on the cover of the lengthy D&L Drive project booklet. Don’t be fooled into buying that snake oil. Crowded, noisy, fast food, rest stops, parking lots, litter, new restrictions, additional taxes. Those are the words to keep in mind with reference to this proposed insidious takeover by those whose obvious motivating factor is financial gain.

The document states, “In particular the Delaware and Lehigh Drive is the primary component within the corridor that can expose the visitor to the “cultural landscape” – the scenery resulting from man’s interaction with the natural features of the land.” Ask the residents about the interaction of many of those passing through these wonderful pristine areas. Much of that “interaction” involves the discarding of cigarette butts, plastic water bottles, soda cans, beer cans, food wrappers and countless other items of litter.

Obviously, traffic, litter, noise and pollution will be enhanced by a coordinated, advertised beckoning to tourists. The many positive reasons that have drawn residents to these areas may be sacrificed with the swipe of a supervisor’s pen. There is no acceptable excuse to morph bucolic roads into truck stops. The far reaching probabilities of this D&L Drive proposition are no less menacing than a predator offering candy to a trusting child.

Bucks County is not unfriendly to those wishing to visit its many historic sites. We have state parks already in existence for anyone desiring to spend an afternoon amid the natural beauty of the area. Additional by-ways or tourist traps of any kind are not needed!

Ironically, the cover of the D&L Drive document displays some poetic words from the immortal Robert Frost. A familiar line to many is as follows, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by,…”. A strange choice of poetry by an entity proposing a much more heavily traveled Bucks County.

written by: Janet O’Neill

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