July 18, 2012: Lower Makefield conducted a large and most civilized debate at the Board of Supervisor meeting. Our information was the Board would pass a Resolution to support D & L Inc’s proposal to designate River Road and the surrounding area a Scenic By-Way. Before the meeting it was mentioned that Upper Makefield and the other municipalities in Bucks County from Easton to Bristol had approved similar resolutions. At the last minute we learned Tinicum and Nockamixon had not approved it. A capable and informed representative of D & L, Elissa Garafolo, presented the By-Way proposal to the community. Then it was the turn of the citizens. None spoke in favor. Many different criticism’s turned the meeting into a list of potential problems with the By-Way. It was a proud moment for common sense as the Supervisors taking note of the complete lack of support, approved a motion to reject the By-Way. Hopefully the other Bucks County Municipalities will take note of Lower Makefield’s debate and re-visit their approvals.

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