President Obama said he will continue to refuse to enforce laws he disagrees with. He said most illegal immigrants still won’t be deported, even after the Supreme Court’s tie ruling Thursday upheld an injunction on his broader deportation amnesty.
Mr. Obama rushed to assure American citizens he will continue to oppose U.S. Laws expecially those concerning illegal immigrants with ties to the U.S. He will consider them “low priorities,” even though they will not be able to get the work permits and taxpayer benefits his “deferred action” program had promised because they are also violating the laws, just like him.

Where is the outrage? Is it because he is almost out of office that he gets away with violating the laws? Is it because America is too afraid of a man who has become a dictator much like Raul Castro who he greatly admires? Or is it because he’s simply a belligerent bastard? 


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