Since 1960, when John F. Kennedy was elected there have been only nine Presidents including JFK. That’s 56 years. Kennedy, Carter, Clinton and Obama were Democrats. Nixon, Reagan, Bush I and Bush II are the five Republicans. George H. W. Bush was a Republican who followed Ronald Reagan. Reagan was not that popular even though he won 98% of the Electoral College vote. He only won 59% of the popular vote.

Obama is not as popular as Reagan nor did he win the elections of 2008 and 2012 with a large percent of the popular vote.

If the 2016 election is close the winner may get 70 million votes and the loser maybe 69 million. Hardly anyone expects the election to be close. Trump is so popular in the street that he will probably beat Hillary by 10 million votes. Lyndon Johnson beat Barry Goldwater by 16 million and only 70 million total voted. If Trump beats Hillary by the same margin he will win by 32 million. That will be 86 million to 54 million, total 140 million voting.

Where will Trump get 86 million votes? Bernie received about 80% as many votes as Hillary. If Bernie and Hillary ran against Trump, Trump would get 70 million, Hillary would get 42 million and Bernie would get 80% of what Hillary would get which is 28 million. If Trump gets Bernie’s votes, he would get a total of 98 million against Hillary’s 42 million out of a total vote of 140 million.

Most of Bernie’s voters will not vote for Hillary because she’s the establishment. If Trump gets only half of Bernie’s 28 million, he wins 98 million to 42 million. If he gets Lyndon Johnson’s percent of what Johnson received against Goldwater, Trump wins 102 to 38 million.

Is Trump more popular than Lyndon Johnson? Yes. But Hillary is far more popular than Barry Goldwater.

So the election would not be a 102 million to 38 million Johnson – Goldwater blowout. It will however, because of Bernie, be a blowout of 98 million to 42 million favor of Trump. All Trump needs to do is get half of Bernie’s votes and he wins 98 million to 32 million. Will that happen? What are the odds?

The money bets based on the feeling of the voters on the street is the election will be Trump 75 million to Hillary 65 million. There seems little chance that it will be as close as 71 million to 69 million election but even if it’s that close, it’s Trump by 2 million.

Can Hillary pull off a victory? No, because men don’t like her. Hillary can’t win without the men’s vote. Combine her lack of men’s votes plus the anti-establishment vote from Bernie’s supporters and Trump wins.

Will Trump win in a landslide? Certainly he could and he very well might because Hillary is unlikable.

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