Rajiv K. Fernando did what Chelsea Clinton did, manage a go-go hedge fund but Fernamdo did something Chelsea never did. He gave $1 to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation for which he was rewarded with a seat on the future direction of American Nuclear Policy, Strategy and Tactics which would net him information to make a lot of hedge fund trades and recommendations which would make him 20 times his $5 million investment with the Clinton’s.

This is textbook political corruption. HERE. And HERE.> Hillary is that corrupt.

Corrupt politics means paying someone to get money from government for you. It’s the flip side of forcing someone to agree with you by political blackmailing aka. controlling dissent through economic squeezing pr threatening police action.

For months we’ve been telling you Hillary’s crooked. I’m making popcorn because it’s fun to watch the failure of the Liberal left.

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