A colossal Bribery, Kickback, Shakedown and Money Laundering Scheme that was invented, promoted and used by Hillary to collect money for The Clinton Foundation, is the biggest hoax since Adolph Hitler signed the 1938 deal with Neville Chamberlain guaranteeing peace in Europe which led to WWII.

Bernie Madoff was a child compared to the battle equivalent of Stalin, Mao, Genghis Khan, Caesar and Hannibal, Hillary is that diabolical. Over 200 conflict-of-interest court rulings, conflicts of interest that led to at least $48 Million in “speaking fees” which is how the money was laundered into the Clinton Foundation. (Here).

This is an evil woman who’s the leader¬†of a vicious trio of International racketeers that rival the most infamous mobsters.

The money that went into the Clinton Foundation wasn’t “for access”. It was to steer American government money which is simply taxes collected from American taxpayers, to the doners. Hillary negotiated billions in American Tax Dollars to be transferred out of America while she collected the bribes and kickbacks laundered as speaking fees.¬†

Hillary brags about using tax money to maraud around 117 countries where she offered billions in exchange for money from them. these were noting but shakedowns of government leaders around the world while Hillary was secretary of State, the position which gave her cover for her illicit schemes. How deep into this corruption was President Obama? He hired and managed her.

Charles Krauthammer called the Clinton Foundation “Organized Crime”. Until Hillary, no mobster was as organized as well as Hillary Clinton.

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