Lower makefield is 18 square miles. This Resolution seeks to control about 12% of that without compensation to the property owners.

Does the proposal:

1. …Increase or Decrease Private Property Rights?

2. ….Increase or decrease control of private property by an outside agency?

 3. .. Increase of Decrease Control by Lower Makefield government over the affected properties?

 4. Is there a map that shows each and every private property that will be affected?

 5. Were the individual property owners notified about the change in their ability to control their own property?

 6.  How many and what are the addresses of each of the individual properties that will be affected?

 7. Were the individual property owners given information about what they can expect if this is approved?

 8. Will this resolution compensate each affected property owner for their loss of some or all control over their property?

9. Will this resolution compensate each affected property owner for their loss of some or all of the assets on their individual properties?

 10. Specifically what kinds of controls are planned for each of the properties involved?

 11. Has the “View-scape” been physically identified and clearly described by the originators of the Resolution?

 12 What is the specific dollar amount of additional liability the township will incur as a result of this Resolution?

 13. Has the additional liability been included in the 2012 budget? In the future budgets?

14. Have any or all of the affected property owners given their individual consent to the Resolution?

15. Describe how the common sense rules of fairness and open dealing, the basic rules by which a free society operates have been followed here?

16. Will our Flood Insurance Premiums increase as a result of the “Corridor Commission” taking control of the land use around the river?  What guarantees will the residents along River Rd have to be protected from the raising of our flood insurance premiums by FEMA as a result of the implementation of the “scenic byway plan”?

17.  What guarantees do we have that our property taxes will not increase to compensate for the 20% cost of any “scenic byway improvement projects” that are not covered by federal grants and that are the responsibility of the local municipalities to raise?

18.  What specifically will be the new restrictions on our properties in relation to landscaping, grass cutting and other “scenic byway” restrictions and who exactly will be in charge of setting these rules?

19. What specific government agencies, non-profit organizations and/or private companies/corporations make up the Corridor Commission?

21. Is the Corridor Commission restrained by a legislative sunset?

There are 11 members of an Easton PA. Corporation that will run the corridor if Lower Makefield approves the Resolution.

None represent the citizens of Lower Makefield.

 They are not accountable to the taxpayers or to the citizens of PA or even of the USA.

 They represent a Private Special Interest Group.

 They are the DIRECTORS of a Corporation.

Their corporation is a stealth type of control apparatus over the private properties of Lower Makefield.

Their hidden agenda is being kept secret.

None of the Directors live in Lower Makefield. The names of the Directors are:

James Birdsall; Judy L. Borger ; Michael Burnside; James P. Creedon; Charles Derr; Gary Fedorcha; Paul Fogal; Nicholas C. Forte; Donald Sachs; Robert Skulsky; Susan H. Taylor;  “Who Are These People?”

“Why Should the Lower Makefield Supervisors give them power to regulate what goes on in Lower Makefield?”

Why would The Board of Supervisors give away their powers to 11 unelected people who are not connected with Lower Makefield? Why is this so easy to do? Why don’t the property owners of Lower Makefield have any power to stop you? Or any power to tell the outside Directors “Hands Off My Property”

In closing I believe a Resolution of this type belongs more in a dictatorship than in America where we respect private property and where private property and the owners are protected by government.

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