“I Wake Up In A House That Was Built By Slaves:” FLOTUS told the graduating class at CUNY. Why then did she continue to use the house? Why would she not condemn in clear positive language, her eternal hostility against slavery, a hostility shared by most of America even before it’s founding then move out of the offensive building?

Michelle Obama also missed the point of a college education, -knowledge, and instead praised, ….. what? The basic values of America? Hardly, she has little appreciation of or respect for those. Did she tell the graduates about the greatness of America? No, she doesn’t believe America is great. Neither does her husband, born of an American Money Grabbing father, a man from and a man who immediately returned to his fatherland in Africa.

Instead, Michelle, who shares her illusion of superiority with her husband, an illusion that she loves but which eludes her, continued to push her false message of the superiority of “other races” under the umbrella of “Diversity”, the idea that the most important attributes of a person are their culture, their clan, their ancestors, their geography, their differences, –but not their uniqueness as an individual nor their ability to reason or the basic Liberty of America. Michelle has an almost bizarre hostility against but not a smidgen of love towards and a scarcely containable shall we say rage and outrage against Caucasian people.

That’s part of Michelle’s “in-your-face” racial personality. She has always been obsessed about race, meaning hostile towards white people. She wrote her senior thesis at Princeton, a University into which she barely qualified, about – no surprise, -race, meaning black people most likely because she was insufficiently adored by what she judges to be the inferior other students. But why would she want the approval of people she hates? How confused is that message? How surreal that a mono-raced individual would fight against the values of America while reaping the rewards of her success because of her, lets be honest here, her race.

Point missing and mis-direction is an attribute of Michelle Obama who is so focused on her race or skin color or whatever attributes of herself she projects onto others was on display in her own words, in her last commencement speech as First Lady on Friday 6/3/2016 at City College of New York in Harlem.

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