Movie reviews that praise this are all over the ‘net but this was so bad and such a waste of time, money and intellectual effort that some info about it might help save a part of your life. Moonrise Kingdom is about two kids who are just about to enter puberty. Ho-hum. A phalanx of acting talent was utterly wasted. It’s supposed to have funny moments. None caused the audience more than a snicker. The basis of every supposed funny moment was the naivette of the two kids in the lead. That’s unexpected about kids. Oh wait. Only the kids don’t know that and there were none in the audience. The male, Jared Gilman does nothing to make the character believable. Kara Haywood uses eye makeup. That’s the end of the show folks. An awful movie. The world has too much nonsense in it. This makes the stink-pile.

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