As reported in Europe, “Austrian Identitaires say: “The Multicultis Have Brought Terror and Chaos to Europe”. Is America far behind?

They walk from the Middle East to Europe across one of the two magnificent bridges  that cross the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Those bridges are only about 3,500 feet long but they offer refugees from the Middle East a convenient way to get to Europe, one of the most civilized places on earth. Istanbul is also very civilized especially compared to the Middle East. The problem in the Middle East continues to be the religion motivated warriors that disrupt everyone’s lives for the worse.

America has been spared the chaos of Europe brought there by the Muslims.    
There’s a 2,800 mile wide Atlantic Ocean that has saved America from the violence and disruption  of the worst of the refugees fleeing from the wars in the Middle East. Yes, 9/11 was caused by the religion of the Middle East but America can protect it’s borders far easier than Europe.

Terrorists cannot walk or drive a car from the Middle East to America like they can from the Middle East to Europe. Europe has so many places for terrorists to enter because a wall has never been built to keep them out.

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