The June 20, 2012 Board of Supervisor’s meeting was calm. Same as the May meeting. Not one Northampton Republican Committee Member spoke at the microphone on June 20. That proves my conclusions over the past four years that the Republican Committee and the elected and appointed Republicans caused the chaos at the Supervisors meetings and at the Water and Sewer Board. They tried to blame the citizens who showed up at the¬†public meetings for the chaos, but they caused it because they controlled the meetings.¬†

The recent meetings solved problems for the residents. Instead of making political calculations and instead of working out political solutions to guarantee themselves re-election as the previous boards had done, the Supervisors did things to solve the problems. The recent Cell Tower problems with American Tower Company that started to put up cell towers in neighborhoods where all utilities were required to be underground is not quite solved but the solution – which is to put towers outside the neighborhoods, is available and the parties are working for a speedy resolution. Thanks to some excellent legal tactics the residents saw Cooperation instead of Chaos. Calm instead of Confrontation. How delightful.

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